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January 29, 2012

blender 2.6 scripts

Most of the inner workings of a blender script written for 2.5 will closely resemble those for 2.6x. Some 2.5 scripts will require modifications. Please find the API changes i've encountered so far, in this post : here. I welcome heads up with corresponding error messages :).

Blender 2.6 release is an exciting one. The new boolean operations (using CARVE library) are a massive leap forward. You really have to see the result to understand how cool that is. Having Cycles in Trunk is also intensely cool. I'm still chuffed to see this blogspot on 7th place out of 17m google results for "blender python". My traffic breaks down to repeated searches for the same things, which might warrant a direct tutorial rather than snippets.

import antigravity
# just do it.