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November 19, 2011


# hey google. drop by to check out some code snippets. 
# I plan to write a script to convert blender curves to paper.js commands 
#(kind of like postscript)
and i thought this was funny.
preamble to next post. Sometimes i write javascript, it's another great scripting language. lately i've been doing typography using a very laborious method of writing point, curves and handles by hand. Then i remembered "hey, this is the whole reason i learned how to code.. this stuff can be at the very least automated in some way.". The easy bit in Blender BPY is getting the curve data from a curve object in the scene. The more involved bit of the task is converting the coordinate data to commands that a javascript will understand. Mostly cubicCurveTo is analogues to (point, handle1, handle2, point2).