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January 31, 2015

Blender Console Prompt p2

Even before adding modal operators to the addon, it is proving quite useful. For now I have the following shortcuts by default
command_string Description
'tb' or 'tt' set viewport rotation to Trackball or Turntable
'cen' returns 3d cursor to origin (i find the combo annoying)
'ico' enables and adds the developer's icon display addon
'wipe' removes all meshes and objects in the current scene, this is particularly useful while coding addons that generate geometry
'vtx' and 'xl' enable the mesh_tinyCAD addon if not enabled, and perform the ops VTX and XALL
'!' typing anything and following it with an exclamation mark will copy it (minus !) to the system clipboard. excellent for writing scripts and jumping between a text editor and the bpy console
'123' set keymap 1 2 3 to verts, edges, faces select mode.
i'll probably add more, candidates are:
  • "wipe-(mesh, obj, materials, images)"
  • "docs/man" (to open a broswer at the most recent blender API docs)
  • "SE:your search term here" (opens browser and searches for term on BlenderStackExchange)