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April 24, 2013

NumPy in Blender

Reading through svn change logs and a recent developers meeting notes (at the end) indicates that Blender's Python distribution could include NumPy soon at some point. This is pretty exciting because it means we get access to numeric conveniences only available in scientific computing libraries -- right out of the box. It also means we can distribute addons/scripts that rely on NumPy without worrying about if the end user is able to install the library. (Installing NumPy can be tricky)

In preparation for NumPy I'll use this post (and maybe a few others) to link to useful NumPy tutorials and my own experiments.

My first introduction to NumPy was here. Course material found after a google search for python linear algebra course material. At the time it covered python 2.6/7 and an older version of NumPy. Things have changed a little, but it was good material.

NumPy offers similar numerical expressive power as Matlab/Octave, the big difference is really the exact syntax used.

check back next week.