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October 06, 2012


When I started writing this blog it was to chronicle my findings, and the lack of (easily accessed) documentation at the time kept spurring me on. But times have changed and as of 2.64 the api documentation is slowly getting more love. The best documentation to my mind is now available at blender.org / api documentation . If you haven't read it inside out you should make time for it, before asking questions on forums.

If you are in the process of learning BPY, the above link should cover most of your needs. If you don't know Python well yet then I have documented my thoughts on how to improve your python knowledge. Also follow a few python oriented twitter accounts for the latest articles and videos about the language: namely @getpy, @PythonWeekly, @thePSF (the python software foundation), and my twitter @zeffii. All of these are low tweet volume accounts.

The main reason I wanted to learn python was because of blender, and the main reason i wanted to learn blender is to make cool algorithm driven animations for my music. I will be focussing on Motion Graphics from this point. The old content will still remain on the blog.

visit and bookmark blenderpython.tumblr for the next chapter of this saga.