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April 28, 2012

blender 2.63

Blender 2.63

So wow, blender 2.63 was knocked out the other day. If you don't pay attention to blender development it is remarkably easy to miss some of the cooler additions. BMesh is like a breath of fresh air, the introduction of which should satisfy the modelling needs of a great many people. While i'm no fan of ngons for complex geometry, their use is justifiable for irregularly shaped flat surfaces (think architectural, typographical..). Using ngons on curved surface is going to open you to a world of hurt.

Inset/outset, vertex slide and this extended knife tool are superb and i'm glad to see them added as default tools. tinyCAD VTX tool still works, but ideally i would see it be a standard add-on. I'm sure many of its users would too.

This makes me want to practice C again, maybe to write VTX as a highly needed patch. My C todo is
  • implement patch for text-appeal github link
  • implement vtx in C
I will need to start writing BMesh scripting examples, because that's where things are going!