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January 10, 2013

Reading writing CSV

i'll let the code speak


  1. Hi,
    Thank you for writing wonderful tutorials.

    By the way.
    I want to write custom navmesh plugin for pathfinding AI which likes blender game's.
    I think blender's navmesh generator is poor function.
    This plugin makes navmaesh from selected object.

    1. Select a object and seed point is cursor position.
    2. execute plugin.
    3. Output navmesh on the selected object.

    I plan:
    1. Plugin makes the bitmap buffer.
    2. It draws the objects'line into the buffer.
    3. It fills the navmesh by flood fill which uses buffer.

    Is it good way?
    I'm sorry, I can't write the English very well.


  2. Konnichiwa Kenichi!

    Your English is fine! I can not say if your idea is good because I do not have any 3d navmesh experience, I also have no GameEngine experience. Write exact specifications of your routine, write your code, test it, ask around on stackoverflow.com with tag "Blender, 3d, AI" for advice. BlenderArtists.com also has active developer forums with friendly people. Also describe to them what reasons lead your to think that Blender's navmesh generator is poor.

    Good Luck!


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