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July 27, 2011

ready to generate geometry - edge fillet blender 2.5

the code is a little lengthy to post in its entirety, but you can download it here
def get_correct_verts(arc_centre, arc_start, arc_end, NUM_VERTS, context):

obj_centre = context.object.location
axis = mathutils.geometry.normal(arc_centre, arc_end, arc_start)

point1 = arc_start - arc_centre
point2 = arc_end - arc_centre
main_angle = point1.angle(point2)
main_angle_degrees = math.degrees(main_angle)

div_angle = main_angle / (NUM_VERTS - 1)

if DEBUG == True:
print("arc_centre =", arc_centre)
print("arc_start =", arc_start)
print("arc_end =", arc_end)

print("NormalAxis1 =", axis)
print("Main Angle (Rad)", main_angle, " > degrees", main_angle_degrees)
print("Division Angle (Radians)", div_angle)
print("AXIS:", axis)

trig_arc_verts = []

for i in range(NUM_VERTS):
rotation_matrix = mathutils.Matrix.Rotation(i*-div_angle, 3, axis)
# trig_point = (arc_start - obj_centre - arc_centre) * rotation_matrix # old
trig_point = rotation_matrix * (arc_start - obj_centre - arc_centre) # new
trig_point += obj_centre + arc_centre

return trig_arc_verts
Matrix.Rotate() was the most complicated part, but now i've broken through that barrier it doesn't seem such utter voodoo anymore. Warning to user: you must apply scale/location/rotation transforms to your profile/object first before running the code or the vertices will appear somewhere else. Not sure if there is a cute way around that.

small update

blender 2.5 GL fillet v0.2 from zeffii stanton on Vimeo.


  1. Hi Dealga,

    nice function! But the keyevent "Shift+Numpad_Plus" are in use now for zoomin/zoomout in actual blender. I change it to "Alt+Numpad_Plus" (line 605) and it works fine.

    And nobody knows, how to add and sub verts to fillet. If you cast tutorial videos, you should activate the addon "Screencast Keys" (User preferences/3DView), so anyone can see, which keys you press.

  2. I have zero sympathy for people who don't take the time to read the short documentation i've written for it on the github page. But i see what you mean about the keycombo conflicting with a preset in blender. Remember I wrote this about 2 years ago, so before bevel was implemented.

    I don't really have time, or interest, to make fixes at the moment. Thanks for checking it out though, it's nice to know it is being used somewhere by someone :)


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